Recorded Sessions

Recorded Sessions

Implementing CALL Assessing Multi-modal competence
NLP in CALL Assessing Grammatical Complexity
CALL and Professional Development Technology in Speaking Assessment
Research on Technology Use Construct Research in Language Assessment
Corpus-Assisted Research Pronunciation Research & Practice
Professional Life in Academia Varied Opportunities in Applied Linguistics


Adolfo Carrillo Cabello's Image

Adolfo Carrillo Cabello

University of Minnesota

Anne O'Bryan's Image

Anne O’Bryan

Colorado State University
Global Campus

Aysel Saricaoglu's Image

Aysel Saricaoglu

Social Sciences University
of Ankara

Edna F. Lima's Image

Edna F. Lima

Ohio University

Elena Cotos's Image

Elena Cotos

Iowa State University

Erik Voss's Image

Erik Voss

Columbia University

Hong Ma's Image

Hong Ma

Zhejiang University

Hyejin Yang's Image

Hyejin Yang

Chuang-Ang University

Hye-won Lee's Image

Hye-won Lee

Cambridge Assessment English

Hyunwoo Kim's Image

Hyunwoo Kim

Seoul National University

Jing Xu's Image

Jing Xu

Cambridge Assessment English

Jinrong Li's Image

Jinrong Li

Georgia Southern University

Jooyoung Lee's Image

Jooyoung Lee


Jordan Smith's Image

Jordan Smith

University of North Texas

Lea Johannsen's Image

Lea Johannsen

Iowa State University

Monica (Richards) Ghosh's Image

Monica (Richards) Ghosh

Iowa State University
Institute for Transportation

Moonyoung Park's Image

Moonyoung Park

Chinese University of
Hong Kong

Rania Mohammed's Image

Rania Mohammed

King Abdulaziz University

Ruslan Suvorov's Image

Ruslan Suvorov

University of Western Ontario

Sarah Huffman's Image

Sarah Huffman

Iowa State University

Shannon McCrocklin's Image

Shannon McCrocklin

Southern Illinois University

Sonca Vo's Image

Sonca Vo

The University of Danang

Stephanie Link's Image

Stephanie Link

Oklahoma State University

Yongkook Won's Image

Yongkook Won

Seoul National University

YunDeok Choi's Image

YunDeok Choi

Sungkyunkwan University

Zhi Li's Image

Zhi Li

University of Saskatchewan