ESL Classroom Research

ESL Classroom Research

Because of the close connections between research and practice in the field of applied linguistics, our graduate students and faculty researchers often wish to conduct studies involving students of English as a Second Language (ESL) who are enrolled in the many different courses of study offered at Iowa State. Such research has the potential to increase knowledge in the field while also leading to improvements in learning and teaching. It also provides our graduate students with excellent opportunities for research training in authentic classroom environments.

Research Application

To help provide these opportunities while maintaining the quality of instruction, we have an application process to review, manage, and document any research involving those ESL courses it oversees or is affiliated with. Anyone wishing to conduct research in these courses should start the application process by completing this online form:

Please note that this application covers:

Those interested in conducting research in the courses run by the Intensive English and Orientation Program should contact Dr. Karina Silva (

If you have questions about the application process or other aspects of ESL classroom research at Iowa State, please contact Dr. Jim Ranalli (

Research Priorities

The coordinators of ENGL 99, ENGL 101, and ENGL 180 courses have identified certain themes as research priorities, which may be of interest to graduate students in search of research topics.

Past Research Projects

See examples of previous research projects from 2013-2016.