ESL Classroom Research Past Projects

Number Principal Investigator(s) Project Title
1. Rosalie Hirch and Joe Geluso Developing a Multi-tiered Diagnostic Test of Grammar
2. Alaina Tuttle Differences between Written Feedback with a Conference and e-Feedback with Asynchronous Q&A on the Uptake of an English Grammatical Form
3. Jim Ranalli The effects of provision of real-time AWE feedback on the cognitive processes of ESL student writers
4. Kelly Cunningham Modes of Feedback in ESL Writing: The Implications of Shifting from Text to Screencast
5.  Arif Bakla Digital Nativism and Productivity: Mixed-Methods Data from an EFL and ESL Context
1. Rebecca Bae The effects of pausing on comprehensibility
2. Hye-Won Lee Innovative assessment tasks for academic English proficiency: An integrated listening-speaking task vs. a multimedia-mediated speaking task
3. Lena Alhamad Effect of interlocutor on learners’ focus on form in synchronous computer mediated communication
4. Sam von Gillern Text-based adventure games and vocabulary acquisition
1. Jim Ranalli and Ahmet Dursun  AWE feedback: How well do ESL writing students understand and use it?
2. Victor D. O. Santos An assessment of English 99 and 101 students’ knowledge of academic English vocabulary
3. Zhi Li †A validation study of the English Placement Test (EPT): Focusing on the inferences of extraploation and utilization
4. Hong Ma Validate a test on students’ knowledge of academic verbs
5. Volker Hegelheimer, Secil Akincil, Ahmet Dursun, and Manisha Gore Supporting the development of academic reading, listening and writing skills through social media: Moving beyond a formal classroom setting

Note: Affiliation is Iowa State University unless otherwise indicated. † indicates PhD dissertation.