TSLL logo The Applied Linguistics Program hosts the Technology for Second Language Learning Conference (TSLL) each fall. Each year a conference organizing committee is formed to create a conference theme that reflects emerging areas of research-practice synergies. The conference sometimes yields proceedings.

PSLLT logo The applied linguistics program regularly host the Pronunciation in Second Language Learning Conference (PSLLT) in the fall. John Levis, the founding conference organizer, edits the Proceedings of the Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching conference each year.

AACL logo Upcoming in 2016 is the American Association for Corpus Linguistics Conference (AACL), which will be hosted jointly with the 2016 TSLL conference.

Upcoming on March 21 – 23, 2018 is the Language Assessment Research Conference (LARC).

Other conferences in applied linguistics hosted at Iowa State University include MidTESOL, MwALT, and SLRF.