ESL Courses


The English Department offers international undergraduate and graduate students advanced courses to support academic English skills. Four courses are currently offered. ENGL 99S address oral communication skills, while ENGL 101 courses address written communication.

Students placed in ENGL 101B based on their English Placement Test (EPT) result are strongly recommended to take the course in their first semester of enrollment (101C/D may be taken in the second semester). Graduate students who were only placed into ENGL 101D may take their required course during their first or second semester.

For students who need to take ENGL 99S, it is strongly recommended that they take it in their first semester, and it must be completed in their first year. Students taking GR ST 540 may take 99S in their second semester if they prefer.

Students who do not place into the courses may also take them if space is available.

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ENGL 99S Academic Speaking and Pronunciation
ENGL 101B Academic English I (for undergraduate and graduate students)
ENGL 101C Academic English II (for undergraduate students)
ENGL 101D Academic English II (for graduate students)

English 99S. Academic Speaking and Pronunciation [no credit, graded A-F, $480 special fee] Development of oral communication skills in English, developing strategies for orally communicating with classmates in both classroom and study contexts, with instructors and teaching assistants during class time and office hours, and with university staff for various purposes. Focus is on the improvement of pragmatic competence and clear pronunciation when orally conversing in academic contexts.

*ENGL 99S can be taken concurrently with ENGL 101B, 101C, 101D or 150.

ENGL 101B: Academic English I for Graduate and Undergraduate Students [3 credits, graded A-F] : Instruction in the essentials of expository and argumentative writing for academic purposes. Focuses on development of the key writing processes of appropriately defining tasks, planning, formulating, evaluating, and revising, as well as editing and formatting. Students also learn advanced points of English grammar, usage, and mechanics relevant to academic written communication. Undergraduates who pass continue to ENGL 101C; graduate students who pass continue to ENGL 101D.

ENGL 101C: Academic English II for Undergraduate Students [3 credits, graded A-F]
Prerequisite: 101B or placement into 101C

Instruction in language and composition skills for responding to academic assignments with appropriate writing conventions. Critical thinking is emphasized as the process of developing, organizing, and revising drafts is practiced. Includes vocabulary development and error correction strategies; responsible use and accurate summarizing of published source material; and the design and presentation of web 2.0 compositions. Prepares students for ENGL 150 and for writing in other disciplines. 101C may NOT be taken concurrently with 101B.

ENGL 101D: Academic English II for Graduate Students [3 credits, graded A-F]
Prerequisite: 101B or placement into 101D

Instruction in writing professional communication, academic papers and reports and in using published source material in writing.  Provides experience in presenting oral reports and participating in discussions. Prepares students for academic writing in their disciplines.  Students may take the class “Pass/Fail”. This is arranged with student’s advisor and department. Instructors will report a grade for all students, whether or not they are taking the class pass/fail. 101D may NOT be taken concurrently with 101B.