Grant Projects

External Grants

Mapit: Using machine learning and text mining techniques to develop a mapping tool for veterinary medicine curriculum. $150,000. U.S. Department of Agriculture. PIs: Aliye Karabulut-Ilgu, Jared Danielson, & Evgeny Chukharev

SourceWrite: Real-time, biometric, intention-informed scaffolding of source-based writing processes. $849,992. National Science Foundation. PIs: Evgeny Chukharev, Mark Torrance, Abram Anders, Jens Roeser, & Maria Anna Conijn


Developing and teaching academic writing courses. Global Online Course, development and delivery. $407,000. American English (AE) E-Teacher Program, U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. PI: Elena Cotos


Establishing academic writing centers at international higher education institutions. Massive Open Online Course. $69,849. American English (AE) E-Teacher Program, U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. Co-PIs: Elena Cotos & Joseph Cheatle


ProWrite: Biometric technology for improving college students’ writing processes. $750,000. National Science Foundation. PIs: Chukharev-Hudilainen, E., Torrance, M., & Cheatle, J.

Adaptive explicit and implicit feedback in second language pronunciation training. $749,608. National Science Foundation. PIs: Levis, J., Chukharev-Hudilainen, E., & Gutierrez-Osuna, R.


Assessing interactional competence: Machine vs. human task delivery. $100,000. Educational Testing Service. PIs: G. J. Ockey, & E. Chukharev-Hudilainen


A natural language based data retrieval engine for automated digital data extraction for civil infrastructure projects.$285,305. National Science Foundation. PIs: H.D. Jeong, E. Chukharev-Hudilainen, & S. Gilbert.


Perception and production in second language: the roles of voice variability and familiarity. $565,647. Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies, National Science Foundation. PIs: Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna, John M. Levis & Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen.


Developing golden speakers for second-language pronunciation training. $316,000. National Science Foundation. Co-PIs: John M. Levis, Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna (Texas A & M).


The longitudinal development of grammatical complexity at the phrasal and clausal levels. $116,335. Educational Testing Service, TOEFL Committee of Examiners Research Program. PI: Bethany Gray.


Using educational technology in the English language classroom. $198,831. U.S. Department of State, E-Teacher Scholarship Program. Co-PIs: Carol Chapelle and Volker Hegelheimer.


EAGER: Exploiting keystroke logging and eye-tracking to support the learning of writing. $299,519. Cyberlearning and Future Learning Technologies, National Science Foundation. PIs: Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen & Jim Ranalli.


Validating the interpretation of TOEFL iBT® speaking scores for ITA screening and certification purposes. $125,000. TOEFL® Committee of Examiners 2015 Research Program, Educational Testing Service. PI: E. Cotos. Co-PI: Y-R. Chung.


Evaluating feasibility and user reactions to an interactive speaking test capability for assessing a broad construct of speaking ability. Educational Testing Service. PI: Gary Ockey.


The grant writing challenge: Broader Impacts text analysis. $61,328. Strengthening the Professoriate at ISU, Innovation through Institutional Integration Program, National Science Foundation, HRD-0963584. Special project PI: E. Cotos. SP@ISU PI: S. Quisenberry; Co-PIs: D. Rover, B. Bowen.


Eng@ging Materials for Global English.  $1.2 million. US Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. PI: Volker Hegelheimer.


A corpus linguistics approach for assessing student and workplace writing in civil engineering. $13,011. National Science Foundation. PI: Volker Hegelheimer.


Cognitive processes and use of knowledge in performing new TOEFL listening tasks. $124,909. Educational Testing Service. Co-PIs: Dan Douglas and Volker Hegelheimer.


Enhancing science instruction for English language learners. $70,000.  Iowa Department of Education. Co-PIs: Roberta Vann, Dan Douglas, John Levis, Katherine Richardson-Bruna, Joanne Olson.


Major Internal Grants

Intelligibility-based oral communication: Resources for teaching non-native English speakers. $5,000. Miller Open Education Mini-Grant. Senior Vice President and Provost Office. PI Lily Compton, Co-PIs Elena Cotos, T. Kochem


Online course in advanced speaking for international teaching assistants. $9,000. ELO course development, Engineering-LAS Development Grant. PI L. Compton, Co-PI Elena Cotos


Can automated writing evaluation enhance undergraduate writing? A cross-disciplinary, multi-course pilot of Grammarly $13,000. Miller Faculty Fellowship Program, Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching. PI: J. Ranalli.


Advanced writing support with new technology. $18,000. Computation Advisory Committee, Senior Vice President and Provost. PI: E. Cotos, Co-PI S. Huffman.


An interdisciplinary approach to developing an Automated Functional Language Extraction (AFLEX) system to transform the translation of STEM research to society. $494,969. Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research in Data Driven Science. PI: A. M. O’Connor; Co-PIs: E. Cotos, C. A. Chapelle, J. Coetzee, K. De Brabanter, S. Gilbert, R. MacDonald.


Graduate peer mentor program pilot. $204,428. Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost. PI: E. Cotos.


CyWrite: Making automated writing evaluation work for students, teachers, and researchers. $292,042. Signature Research Initiative, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences. Co-PIs: Volker Hegelheimer, Carol Chapelle, Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen, D. Bear, and Jim Ranalli.


Language of writing in STEM disciplines. $100,000. Presidential Initiative for Interdisciplinary Research. PI: C. A. Chapelle; Co-PIs: E. Cotos, W. R. Graves, V. Hegelheimer, M. Jeffries-El, L. Potter.


Enhancing opportunities for English pronunciation practice and improvement. $43,372. Computation Advisory Committee, Senior Vice President and Provost. PI E. Cotos.


Research Writing Tutor. $628,567. Computation Advisory Committee, Graduate College, College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. PI E. Cotos, Co-PIs S. Gilbert, C. A. Chapelle, W. R. Graves.


Helping international students develop effective oral English communication skills. $34,826. Computation Advisory Committee, Senior Vice President and Provost. PI E. Cotos.


Enhancing academic writing instruction with automated writing evaluation technology. $17,475. Liberal Arts and Sciences Computation Advisory Committee. PI E. Cotos, Co-PI C. A. Chapelle.