Professional Life in Academia

Professional Life in Academia

After watching the recorded presentations, join these authors for a live panel discussion on December 5, 2020 at 10:30 am – 11:00 am (CST). Moderator: Ali Garib


Elena Cotos

Associate Professor; Director of the Center for Communication Excellence
Iowa State University

Setting the stage, developing a trajectory, and expanding career boundaries

Continued education and teaching have always been a true calling for me. Looking back, I had a lot to think about when considering a doctorate degree, including what to research and how to teach, but the ultimate question was: What would it mean for my career? When I started the ALT Program in 2005, I knew I was getting on an exciting path towards my calling. The experience I gained over the years and the opportunities this doctoral degree opened for me, however, exceeded my expectations. In this presentation, I will give a brief overview of my career path: how I set the stage with my dissertation, how that 'stage' enabled me to develop a long-term research agenda, how my teaching-oriented scholarship served as a credible factor when pursuing broader initiatives, and how one of those initiatives has become the most impactful and rewarding outcomes of my work. With that, I hope to demonstrate that our doctoral program provides the knowledge and skills that translate across disciplinary boundaries and across research and non-research contexts. Depending on one's goals and interests, a PhD from the ALT Program at ISU can take students much farther than they initially think possible!
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Jordan Smith

Assistant Professor
University of North Texas

How Opportunities in Grad School Shaped My Current Research Agenda

As an assistant professor at the University of North Texas, I have worked on several individual and collaborative research projects that have allowed me to draw on the knowledge and skills I gained while I was a graduate student at Iowa State. One project I recently completed grew out of an independent study I took with Jo Mackiewicz and a course paper I wrote during Bethany Gray’s discourse analysis class. Another project I am currently working on stems from my dissertation research. A third project began during a research assistantship I had with Bethany Gray and Elena Cotos during my fourth year. And a fourth project launched after I started my job at UNT. In this presentation, I will describe each of these four projects to offer an overview of my current research and to highlight how the opportunities I had at ISU have continued to play an important role in my research agenda. I will also share general insights I have learned from my work on these projects and during my time as a new assistant professor. Finally, I will offer recommendations that I hope will be useful for current ALT students.
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