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The Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching (PSLLT) Proceedings (ISSN 2380-9566) are not only a partial record of the annual conference, they represent a middle ground in scholarly publishing about pronunciation. They are neither as long nor as rigorously reviewed as most scholarly journals, but they are longer and far more rigorously vetted than newsletter articles. The Proceedings have been a part of the annual PSLLT conference from its beginning growing from 10 articles the first year to 28 in the sixth year. They are peer-reviewed, and they provide a look at a wide variety of pronunciation research and teaching approaches from an even wider variety of authors looking at many different languages. We hope that they are both informative and inspirational in helping other try new approaches in their own research and teaching.

John M. Levis, Professor.
Editor, PSLLT Proceedings
Editor, Journal of Second Language Pronunciation


The 10th Annual PSLLT Conference (2018)

Perception and Pronunciation

The 9th Annual PSLLT Conference (2017)

Bridging L2 Pronunciation Research and Teaching

The 8th Annual PSLLT Conference (2016)

The Role of Technology in L2 Pronunciation Research and Teaching

The 7th Annual PSLLT Conference (2015)

L2 Pronunciation and Discourse

The 6th Annual PSLLT Conference (2014)

 Looking at L2 Pronunciation Research from Varying Perspectives

The 5th Annual PSLLT Conference (2013)

Pronunciation in the Language Teaching Curriculum

The 4th Annual PSLLT Conference (2012)

 Setting the Course for Pronunciation Teaching and Assessment

The 3rd Annual PSLLT Conference (2011)

The Confluence of Social Factors and Pronunciation: Accent, Identity, Irritation and Discrimination

The 2nd Annual PSLLT Conference (2010)

Pronunciation and Intelligibility:  Issues in Research and Practice

The 1st Annual PSLLT Conference (2009)

 Technology for Oral Communication