TSLL 2017 Registration & Venue

Registration Information

Register Here

Register through conference services at the link above. Registration will require you to create a login. Payment by credit card is preferred.

  • Early Registration – before August 25, 2017  September 1, 2017
    • Student rate: $25
    • Nonstudent rate: $75
  • Late Registration – after August 25, 2017  September 1, 2017
    • Student rate: $35
    • Nonstudent rate: $85

Conference Venue

Fountain of the Four Seasons at the MU

Photo by Phuong Nguyen

The conference will be held at the Memorial Union (MU) on Iowa State University’s (ISU) campus. The MU is at the heart of ISU, at 2229 Lincoln Way, Ames Iowa 50014. The MU is across from Campustown and within walking distance to numerous coffee shops and restaurants. The opposite side of the MU holds a patio and fountain that faces central campus with the campanile and open fields where students often lounge and relax. The MU houses a food court, a bookstore, and a convenience store. For detailed directions to the Memorial Union, see the Getting to the Conference section on the Travel page.

Pay parking is available in the Memorial Union Parking Ramp, adjacent to the conference venue. For more information, visit http://www.mu.iastate.edu/parking–maps/parking/

Other parking is available on campus by obtaining a Visitor Parking Permit, which would allow you to park in a General Staff or Student parking lot and walk to the Memorial Union. Visitor Parking Permits are free, but are required to park on campus during the week. More information can be found at http://www.parking.iastate.edu/visitor.

Parking on campus on the weekend does not require a permit, but please make sure to check the signage at the entrance of each lot to ensure it is open for non-permitted vehicles.

The Memorial Union is also accessible by bus. The 3-Blue and 1-Red are the most direct and frequently running routes.