TSLL 2017 Plenary Speakers

Plenary Speakers

The 15th Annual Technology for Second Language Learning Conference Plenary Speakers


Greg Kessler

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Shannon Sauro

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Fan Fiction, Fan Practices and Language Learning

Online fan communities and fan sites are home to many different kinds of fan practices, perhaps the best known of which is fan fiction These are fictional stories that reinterpret and remix the events, characters and settings found in books and popular media. Other online fan practices include amateur translation projects such as fan-subbing and scanlation, fansite moderation, and spoiling, in which fans track down and share information via social media for the purpose of speculating about a television show or movie’s plotline before its release.

This talk begins by reviewing research on online fans and their fan practices for language and literacy development in the digital wilds. It then takes an in depth look at the informal L2 language and digital literacy development of a Sherlock fan who joined social media-based fan communities for the purpose of developing her English. The talk then concludes by exploring research from an ongoing project that investigates the integration of fan fiction tasks into the university classroom to support language and literary learning.