Virginia Kovach


Office:317 Curtiss
Ames IA


Virginia Kovach is a native Midwesterner, having lived in either Wisconsin or Iowa my entire life. I write fiction as well as poetry. I write to shine a light on the people and other forms of life who we tend to forget in the exhausting pursuit of empty, materialistic goals.

I love being a part of the creative community in Ames in any way I can. I love the supportive, inclusive community that is the Ames Poetry Revival, a local group that puts on monthly poetry slams. My husband Scott and I celebrate local music by inviting musicians onto our radio show. The show, Road Trip Iowa, broadcasts from KHOI Community Radio every Sunday night on 89.1 FM at 10 pm Central.

Scott and I also have a podcast called “Scotch and Gin,” which explores pressing societal issues in long form.

In all my work, I value creativity, empathy, and community. I draw strength and inspiration for these pursuits from my faith and a sense of wonder. Websites:;