Ryan Everett


Office:Curtiss Hall 324-S
513 Farm House Ln
Ames IA


Ryan Everett is a product of Des Moines, Iowa. He graduated from Roosevelt High School in 2007 and went onto to Wartburg College, where he earned a BA in Secondary English Education. Since, he has long-term subbed for several years at Hoover and East High Schools and taught middle school English and Lang. Arts at Bergman Academy in Des Moines. He is pursuing an MA in English from Iowa State University in his never-ending pursuit to teach.

Ryan enjoys spending free time with family and friends, listening to music (talk to me), biking, veggie gardening, hammocking, reading, eating, drinking, and the occasional poem. He has found some combination of any number of these things works best.

He is eagerly looking forward to working with all members Cyclone Nation, specifically those with a genuine interest in progressing the human consciousness in an attempt to better the world!