Kim Becker


Office:447 Ross
527 Farm House Ln.
Ames IA
Office Hours:MW 12-1

Topics of interest: Peer Advising Resource Team


Kim Becker earned her PhD in Applied Linguistics and Technology in Spring 2022. Her research interests include corpus linguistics and disciplinary academic writing. She earned an MA TESOL at Northern Arizona University and afterward taught ESL for nearly ten years—primarily at a community college in Nashville, Tennessee—before moving to Ames. Kim has presented her work in conferences such as AACL, SLRF, CALICO, TESOL, AAAL, and TSLL. At ISU, she has taught ISUComm Foundation Courses, as well as a Global Online Course and MOOC, Using Technology in the English Language Classroom. She is currently working as a communication consultant at the Center for Communication Excellence in the Graduate College.

Kim has one husband, two sons, four chickens, and a poodle. She loves hiking, yoga, kayaking, and reading.  She would be happy to provide advice on navigating life as a graduate student and parent, purchasing a home in Ames, or finding places to hike/kayak in the area.

Major Professor: Bethany Gray

Dissertation: Extending our understanding of unpublished graduate student writing: The creation and analysis of CorGrad