Kartika Budhwar


Office Hours:Tuesday and Thursday 1:30-3:30


Kartika Budhwar writes about the porous borderlands where myth meets history, where fiction meets memory, where the colonizer and colonized come together, where languages spar and fuse, where gender and sexuality collapse upon themselves, where the supernatural and the organic have equal claim. She has an MFA in Creative Writing from NCSU and is currently a Second Year candidate in the MFA program for Creative Writing and Environment. In her first year, she was a recipient of the CWE Fellowship and the Hogrefe Grant. She was also a Summer Writer in Residence at the Iowa Lakeside Laboratory. These incredibly generous gifts of time and resources have allowed her to enjoy teaching young people, finish the first draft of a novel on sea turtles and goddesses, and to begin a collection of short pieces about the inhabitants of aforementioned borderlands; the young, the migrant, the queer, the homeless, the non-human, the linguistic and cultural orphans of our age. Her work is forthcoming in the Indiana Review.