Joan Chamberlin


Office:Ross 335
Farm House Ln.
Ames IA
Office Hours:MW 2:30-3:30 TR 12:30-1:30


Courses I am Teaching

All skill areas in ESL and EAP at all proficiency levels (Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Oral Communication)

Course Design and Materials Development for ESL/EFL

Methods and Materials for Oral Communication in ESL/EFL


M.A. Monterey Institute of International Studies • TESOL

B.A. University of Oregon • English

Research Interests

Second Language Reading Instruction

Language Teacher Education

About My Teaching

I have been inspired by brilliant language teachers and language learners while in the Peace Corps in Botswana, while in Poland at the University of Gdansk, and here at Iowa State. I will always remember the very low proficiency student, fearful of speaking English, who successfully participated in a classroom simulation, got heatedly involved in the interaction, and then later was thrilled to realize that she had forgotten that she was speaking English. I believe that true moments of communication will result in deeper language learning.

The deepest learning happens when students directly confront the material being presented to them. In teacher training, this means students experience the approach to teaching, rather than have it explained to them. They do it themselves, it becomes real, and in the process they explore a way to teach and consider how it fits their teaching context.