Jenny Aune


Office:255 Ross
527 Farm House Ln.
Ames IA
Office Hours:Tuesday 9:30-11:30


Spring Office Hours: MTWH 9-11 (online)

Courses I am Teaching

Engl 150: Critical Thinking and Communication (for Learning Communities)
Engl 250: Written, Oral, Visual, and Electronic Compositions (general sections and for Learning Communitities)
Engl 302: Business Communication
Engl 314: Technical Communication


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.A. Wisconsin
B.A. Concordia College

Research Areas

Learning Community English links; Communication in the Sciences; Old Icelandic sagas.

About My Teaching

My teaching is greatly enhanced by my collaborations with colleagues across campus. I work with librarians to increase students’ ability to find and evaluate sources, with discipline faculty to develop communication courses for the students, with administrators across campus to strengthen Learning Communities and Advanced Communication. These collaborations not only improve the curriculum, but also the communication between departments and programs, and provide opportunities for creative ways to enhance student learning.

Recent Publications

With Andrea Dinkelman and Gail Nonnecke. “Using an Interdisciplinary Approach to Teach Undergraduates Communication and Information Literacy Skills. Journal of Natural Resources and Life Science Education. Vol. 39 (2010), pp. 137-144.

Current Research

My current research project assesses a communications’ course’s ability to help students in the biological sciences better understand the nature of science.

Outside of the University

I am a horse addict who trains and competes in dressage. When I’m not at work or the stable, I am at home with my family or at my children’s soccer games.