Jennifer Musgrove

Office:2235 Pearson
505 Morrill Rd.
Ames IA


Jennifer Musgrove (2017) Jennifer enjoys her work as a Spanish teaching assistant within the Department of World Languages and Cultures. Jennifer currently teaches two sections of Spanish 101 and plans to teach two sections of Spanish 102 next spring semester. Jennifer’s long-term goals include teaching university level Spanish and co-directing a study abroad program. During the course of her undergraduate career at ISU, Jennifer enjoyed several undergraduate assistantships through the WLC Department including collaborating with Dr. Kathy Leonard in Spanish 351 (Introduction to Spanish-English Translation) and Spanish 352 (Introduction to Spanish Phonology), assisting Dr. Chad Gasta in Spanish 323 (Spain Today), and writing a series of criminal justice topic related articles for Spanish 300 level coursework with Dr. Cristina Pardo. Jennifer was also selected her senior year for a special teaching assistantship position through the ISU on the Mediterranean-Summer in Valencia, Spain Program.