Idée Edalatishams




Idée Edalatishams (2022) works at George Mason University as a Faculty ESL Specialist at the Writing Center. Her primary research is in the areas of spoken corpus linguistics, pronunciation, and multilingual speakers' oral communication. She has presented her work at conferences such as AAAL, AACL, PSLLT, CALICO, SLRF, and TSLL. During her time in the PhD program, she has taught ISUComm Foundation Courses as well as graduate and undergraduate ESL courses focused on speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills. She has also worked as a graduate communication consultant at the Writing and Media Center and as a speaking/writing consultant at the Center for Communication Excellence, Graduate College. Back in her home country, Iran, she was an English Translation major as an undergraduate, got a Master’s in ELT, taught English to adults and young adults at several language institutes and Sharif University. 

Major Professor: John Levis

Dissertation: A prosodic corpus of teaching assistant classroom speech: Discourse intonation and information structure