Geoff Sauer


Office:433 Ross
527 Farm House Ln.
Ames IA
Office Hours:M W 11-1


Courses I am Teaching

English 549: Multimedia and Interaction Design
English 542: Document Design and Editing
English 529: Content Management
English 504: Teaching Advanced Communication
English 411: Technology, Rhetoric, and Professional Communication
English 335: Studies in Film
English 314: Technical Communication
English 313: Rhetorical Website Design
English 302: Business Communication


Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University
B.A., University of Notre Dame

Research Areas

My research focuses on the history of publishing, both from theoretical perspectives (using both cultural and rhetorical theory) and in pragmatics (typography, offset printing, online document management, new media). I am the director of both the ISU Studio for New Media and the electronic publishing project

About My Teaching

I teach courses about new media in workplace and technical communication, including courses in web design, content management systems, nonlinear video editing, film theory, social media, and usability.

Recent Publications (both print and electronic)

  • The EServer. A collaboration with 227 total members, the EServer has since 1990 published works to millions of readers (approximately 2.0 million per month, making us among the most popular humanities websites in the world). 1990-present.
  • EServer Technical Communication (and Technical Writing) Library. A hybrid between a traditional scholarly index and a web portal, this is the largest index of works in technical, scientific and professional communication. April 2001-present.
  • “Multimedia Labs as Content Incubators.” Intercom, September-October 2011. An article about the need for multimedia labs like the Iowa State University Studio for New Media as a location to enable innovation in composition with emerging media.
  • “EServer TC Library: The Most Popular Technical Communication Website in the World.” An interview by Tom Johnson about the EServer Technical Communication Library website. I’d Rather Be Writing, 2008.
  • “The Brain Behind the EServer Technical Communication Library: Rendezvous with Geoffrey Sauer.” An interview by Saurabh Kudesia for the Indian peer-reviewed journal International Journal for Technical Communication, 2007.

Current Research

I am currently researching learning management systems as a form of material rhetoric, and investigating problems with contemporary theories of dialectical negotiation when applied to cloud and virtualized hosting platforms.

Outside of the University

I love to hike, bicycle and play golf. I’m working now to re-learn playing tennis without embarrassment.