Eric Williams


Dept:JL MC
Office:324 E 7th St Unit 4
Ames IA
Office Hours:MF 1-3


Eric Williams is a first-year candidate for fiction in Iowa State’s MFA in Creative Writing and Environment. He also holds a BA in Modern Literature from UC Santa Cruz. He writes speculative fiction and essays about a future in which traditional agriculture is being replaced by synthetic alternatives, man-made food-like products. He wants to know what happens to food when you manufacture it instead of grow it, and to explore the ways these new methods of food production clash with long-established ones. Before relocating to Ames, he spent five years and a lot of late nights working in the restaurant industry in New York City. His favorite pastimes there were riding his bike through the city like a game of Frogger and spending too much money on wine. Before New York, he spent two years in Latin America working on farms and teaching English. Outside of the MFA, Eric’s interests include gardening, running, cooking and fantasizing about the bygone era in which cell phones did not exist.