Eric Stone


Office Hours:Tuesday Thursday 12:30-2:30


Eric Fisher Stone is a third year MFA candidate from Fort Worth, Texas where he completed his undergraduate degree at Texas Christian University. He has had poems published in various literary journals, print and online. His first full length poetry collection The Providence of Grass has recently been published by Chatter House Press. He writes about animals, all phyla, classes and genera fascinate him. He naively believes in the goodness of people, despite the fact that they do terrible things, and that people should behave more like his favorite animal, a collared peccary, more commonly known as, a javelina. His obsessed with spaces where the nonhuman, and the human, and can meet. His poetry intends to dethrone and humble the human species from its anthropocentrism, in a galaxy of 400 billion suns, in a universe of over 100 billion galaxies. He thinks animal noises are, in fact, a language.