Emily Riley-Smith



Office:322-G Curtiss Hall
513 Farm House Lane
Ames IA


Emily Riley worked in Hyogo, Japan as an English teacher before joining ISU's Creative Writing and Environment program. She experienced intersections of language and culture firsthand. For the first time in a long time, she was illiterate, and she had to learn to navigate a new place without one of her primary faculties. Now, she hopes to further explore the ways that language and culture shape environment and vice versa.

Emily was born and raised in Arkansas and graduated from Lyon College with a major in English and minors in anthropology, art, and French. Her favorite authors are Jhumpa Lahiri, Margaret George, and Naomi Novik. At ISU, she'll primarily focus on fiction writing, but you can also catch her admiring and attempting art, conducting baking experiments, and trying to get Skype to work so she can play D&D with her now distant friends.