Emily Grzywacz


Office Hours:Monday Wednesday 10-12


Emily Grzywacz graduated Summa Cum Laude from Iowa State University in 2017 with a B.S. in Sociology/Criminology and a B.A. in English. She returned to Iowa State for her graduate studies and is currently a second-year Masters in English Literature student. Her current research uses Ecocritical and Ecohorror approaches to analyze literature. More specifically, Emily narrows in on trees (both sentient and not) within texts. She also is interested in hauntings and their connections to the environment and natural features. Emily will be presenting at the 2019 MLA Annual Convention in Chicago. Her presentation will focus on Ecohorror interpretations of Toni Morrison’s Beloved. Emily taught English 150 for a single semester and has taught five sections of English 250 with the theme of monsters. She enjoys getting to know her students, finding new and engaging ways to immerse her students in compositional topics, and expanding her pedagogical knowledge. Emily is quite literally obsessed with the Harry Potter series and incorporates it in her teaching and research whenever possible.