Ella Alhudithi


Office:0241 Ross
527 Farm House Ln.
Ames IA
Office Hours:Thu 2-3:15 or by appointment


Ella Alhudithi is currently pursuing a PhD in Applied Linguistics and Technology at Iowa State University with interests in corpus-based discourse analysis, languages for academic and business purposes, and pedagogy. Her present research examines teacher identity construction through the study of lexicogrammatical features in teaching philosophy statements. In addition to research, she teaches academic writing in the ESL program. Prior to ISU, she completed her MA in TESL/TEFL at Colorado State University, where she studied vocabulary input in EFL K-12 textbooks and instructed a range of language courses. Her work has been published in journals like Language Learning and Technology and Studies in Second Language Learning and Teaching and presented at conferences, such as International TESOL, Modern Language Association, and International Linguistic Association. Outside of academia, Ella loves hiking, meditating, traveling, and discovering new places and cultures. Spending time with her dog and cat is also one of her great joys.