Danielle Buchanan


Office Hours:Friday 12-4


Danielle Lea Buchanan, an Master of Fine Arts student, was fortunate to receive the generous CWE Graduate Fellowship that granted her time to further pursue her writing interests during her first year in the program: classism, socio-economics, Midwestern and Southern rurality, trauma theory, collective and generational trauma, intergenerational relationships in adverse family structures, social systems that perpetuate oppression, enculturation and acculturation, the cyclical navigations of poverty, and family system’s models—most notably Urie Bronfenbrenner’s bioecology of human development. She remains in un-ebbed awe of humanities resilience. Most presently, she’s a “fiction” candidate at Iowa State University who revels in the opportunity to be deeply re-rooted home: The Midwest. Danielle is at work on “Zonkey!”—a novel-in-progress whose focus lies within marginalized communities of the Ozark region with aims to obliterate systemic structures that cyclically perpetuate social injustice, as well as explore trauma’s navigations through generational lineage. Lastly, she’s difficulty at work on a difficult project to make the difficulty of the Avant Garde less difficult by difficulty rejuvenating difficulty in wildly bombastic, fresh effervescence. Danielle’s poetry, hybridities, fiction, book reviews, interviews and oddities have appeared in McSweeney’s, Puerto del Sol, New Delta Review, Mid-American Review, Psychopomp, Robot Melon, Dinosaur Bees, Whole Beast Rag, and other elsewheres.