Colin Payton


Office Hours:MWF 9-11 


Colin Payton is a first year PhD student in Rhetoric and Professional Communication and a 2017 recipient of the Freda Huncke Graduate Teaching Fellowship. The raison d’etre of Colin’s studies at graduate school is to become an inspirer of collegiate minds, either through the collaborative work of Writing Centers or through classroom instruction. Raised in a diverse background of the liberal arts, his personal learning philosophy is simple: one should be able to read anything, write anything, and speak on anything. These goals he strives to pass on to his students and he has found ISU a welcoming place to do this.

Currently, Colin is teaching SpCm 212: Fundamentals of Public Speaking. As a teacher, he embraces the performative nature of public speaking and brings music performance and theater studies into his classroom. The Huncke Fellowship will allow him to explore some of the most important – yet predominantly forgotten – areas of speaking pedagogy, such as memory studies and delivery styles from classical rhetoric. Importantly, ISU’s focus on science and technology is a thrilling contrast to his humanities background; he wants to pass on communicative skills necessary to thrive both in STEM industries and in more general public spheres. Sharing scientific discoveries is possible, necessary, and fulfilling, and Colin wants his students to be able to share their passions with whatever audience they address.