Alana Jones



Alana Jones is passionate about corn, a gas station pizza enthusiast and eager to try deep fried butter at the prestigious Iowa State Fair. This California native completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Iowa in genetics and also holds a certificate in creative writing. After two years of coaching, a brief stint as a barista, and longer stint as a scientist, Alana decided to see if the grass really is greener in the Reiman Gardens.

She also competed on the University of Iowa’s track and cross country team. Due to an injury, she has taken a break from training, and now enjoys modeling part time (but will probably have to keep her normal job). In March 2018 Alana wrote and published an article on overcoming challenges as a post collegiate athlete for Gymshark’s International Women’s Day campaign. Out of the six women selected to write of the campaign, she was the only writer from the United States.

Alana has a deep respect of nature and draws inspiration from the crossover between science and the arts. She is thrilled to be part of an MFA program that supports both of her loves.