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Technology for Second Language Learning Conference

October 19-21, 2023

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Thursday, October 19th

Ross 212 πŸ“    |    πŸ”— Zoom link: (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)

3:45pm (CDT) Welcome: Volker Hegelheimer, Chair, Department of English, Iowa State University
4:00-5:00pm Plenary
Generative AI and the end of corpus-assisted data-driven learning? Not so fast! [remote presentation]
Peter Crosthwaite (The University of Queensland, Australia)
5-6pm Dinner (Ross 212) / Posters (Ross 406 & 412)/ Social
6-6:30pm Individual Papers
Data-Driven Learning for pronunciation: A study of prominence and lexical stress in the EAP context [remote presentation]
Kevin Hirschi, Lia Martin, and Okim Kang (Northern Arizona University)
6:30-7pm Detecting Writing Quality in L2 English: At the Crossroads of Learner Corpus and NLP [remote presentation]
Hakan Cangir (Ankara University)
7-7:30pm Evaluating pragmatic competence of Artificial Intelligence with the Lens concept: ChatGPT-4 for Chinese L2 teaching [in-person presentation]
Danjie Su and Kevin Goslar (University of Arkansas)
7:30-8pm The Use of AI in Teaching Translation [remote presentation]
Marus Mkrtchyan and Gayane Hovhannisyan (Brusov State University)

Ross 406 & 412 πŸ“    |    πŸ”— Zoom link: (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)

5-5:50pm Poster Session
Look Who’s Speaking [remote presentation]
Kate Knill, Mark J.F. Gales (University of Cambridge and Enhanced Speech Technology Ltd.); Diane Nicholls, Paul Ricketts, Scott Thomas (English Language iTutoring Ltd.)
ChatGPT in Language Learning: A Content Analysis of Bilibili Videos [remote presentation]
Shan Chen and Weiwei Han (Weifang University); Yanhong Liu (Yangzhou University)
Exploring Acceptance of ASR Tools for Pronunciation Learning: ChatGPT for qualitative data analysis [in-person presentation]
Agata Guskaroska (Iowa State University)
The Discourse Styles of ChatGPT: A Corpus-Based Study [in-person presentation]
Shangyu Jiang (Iowa State University)

Ross 412 πŸ“    |    πŸ”— Zoom link: (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)

6-6:30pm Individual Papers
Reshaping College English Teaching and Learning in China: An AI Perspective [remote presentation]
Kun Sun (Universiti Malaya)
6:30-7pm Promoting Learner–Computer Interaction with Extractive Question-Answer Technologies [remote presentation]
Joseph Collentine and Karina Collentine (Northern Arizona University)
7-7:30pm Gearing up for the ChatGPT Era: Technological Trajectory in Second Language Writing Education [remote presentation]
Solbee Kim, Youngjoo Yi (The Ohio State University); Jinsil Jang (Dongshin University)
7:30-8pm Virtual Tourism in Amplifying Students’ Speaking Skills: A case study in Indonesian EFL Classroom [remote presentation]
Laela Hikmah Nurbatra and Benny Dele Bintang Ananta (University of Muhammdiyah Malang)

Friday, October 20th

Ross 212 πŸ“    |    πŸ”— Zoom link: (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)

7:50am (CDT) Opening: Carol A. Chapelle
8-9am Plenary
Expanding Pedagogy: New Ways of Teaching, Learning and Assessment with AI [remote presentation]
Mike Sharples (The Open University, UK)
9-9:30am Break/ Social (30 min)   |    🎊 Zoom Social Meeting link 🎊 (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)
9:30-10am Individual Papers
An Empirical Analysis of the use of AI-based Text Tools in Academic Writing: Attitudes, Usefulness and Interactions [remote presentation]
Joanna Baumgart, Thomas Mandl, Ulrike Bohle-Jurok (University of Hildesheim)
10-10:30am Efficient Automated Essay Scoring using Feature Extraction from Transformer-based Large Language Models [remote presentation]
Massimo Innamorati (Cambridge University Press and Assessment)
10:30-11am Empowering EFL Learners and Teachers: Harnessing AI for Writing Instruction [remote presentation]
Thomas Stringer (Kwansei Gakuin University) and Lydia Eberly (Konan University)
11-11:30am Exploring the Pedagogical Potential of VR-Based Language Learning Applications: Immerse vs. ImmerseMe [remote presentation]
Roman Lesnov and Sofia Wolhein-Nava (Oakwood University)
11:30-Noon ChatGPT-3.5 as an Automatic Scoring System and Proofreader: Strategies for Grading and Revising Essays [remote presentation]
Ziqian Zhou and Xinming Chen (Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College)
Noon-1pm Lunch/ Social (60 min) | 🎊 Zoom Social Meeting link 🎊 (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)
1-2pm Plenary
Researching Generative AI in Writing [remote presentation]
Mark Warschauer (University of California, Irvine)
2-2:30pm Individual Papers
Using ChatGPT for EFL writing feedback: Teachers’ perspectives [remote presentation]
Jining Han (Southwest University) and Mimi Li (Texas A&M University-Commerce)
2:30-3pm Student Engagement with Teacher and Automated Written Corrective Feedback on L2 Writing: A Multiple Case Study [in-person presentation]
Sara Afifi (Iowa State University); Mohammad Rahimi (Shiraz University); Joshua Wilson (University of Delaware)
3-3:30pm Exploring Meaning-packing Use in EFL Learners’ Writing Over Genre-based Pedagogy in Augmented Virtual Reality [remote presentation]
Esmaeel Ali Salimi and Seyedfarid Beheshtinezhad (Allameh Tabataba’i University); Mohammad Mostafa Mohammadi (University of Zanjan)
3:30-4pm AI-powered Tools as Agents of Change in Pre-service English Language Teacher Training [remote presentation]
Sibel Sâğüt (Sinop University)
4-5pm Plenary
Large language models in hybrid natural-language processing applications for language learning and assessment [in-person presentation]
Evgeny Chukharev (Iowa State University)
5-6pm Dinner/ Social (60 min)     |     🎊 Zoom Social Meeting link 🎊 (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)
6-7pm Plenary
Adaptive language learning in the new age of generative AI [remote presentation]
Xiaoming Xi (Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority)
7-7:30pm Individual Papers
Analyzing the Potential of generative AI for Text Generation in Reading Assessment [remote presentation]
Zhang Wenxin and Vahid Aryadoust (Nanyang Technological University)
7:30-8pm Comparing ChatGPT-Generated and Human-Designed Multiple-Choice Test Items [remote presentation]
Jean Chun, Natalia Barley, and Umer Farooq (DLIFLC)

Ross 412 πŸ“    |    πŸ”— Zoom link: (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)

9:30-10am Individual Papers
Which interactivity matters in TSLL? Agency, engagement and negotiation in conversational AI [remote presentation]
Serge Bibauw (Universidad Central del Ecuador; UCLouvain)
10-10:30am Design based research: ChatGPT-mediated speaking practice [remote presentation]
Aya Owada and Sohyeon Lee (University of Hawaii at Manoa)
10:30-11am Speaking to an AI chatbot as a foreign language learner: A pedagogical perspective [remote presentation]
Ulf Schuetze (University of Victoria)
11-11:30am Technology-Based L2 Intelligibility Feedback: Balancing Global and Local Pronunciation Feedback [remote presentation]
Okim Kang and Kevin Hirschi (Northern Arizona University); John Hansen (University of Texas-Dallas); Stephen Looney (Pennsylvania State University)
11:30-Noon Detecting Aberrant Responses in L2 Spoken English Automated Assessment [in-person presentation]
Shilin Gao (Cambridge University Press & Assessment) and Mark Gales (Enhanced Speech Technology Ltd)
Noon-1pm Lunch/ Social (60 min) | 🎊 Zoom Social Meeting link 🎊 (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)
2-2:30pm Individual Papers
Building validity arguments for the use of measures of utterance fluency in Automatic Speech Evaluation [remote presentation]
Haiping Wang (East China University of Political Science and Law) and Zoe Handley (University of York)
2:30-3pm Exploring the affordance of ChatGPT as a Rating Tool in assessing interpreting accuracy [remote presentation]
Yichen Jia (Nanyang Technology University)
3-3:30pm ChatGPT for writing evaluation: Examining the accuracy and reliability of AI-generated scores compared to human raters [in-person presentation]
Haeun Kim, Yasin Karatay, Shireen Baghestani, Jeanne Beck, Leyla Karatay, Sebnem Kurt, Shuhui Yin, and Mutleb Alnafisah (Iowa State University)
3:30-4pm Investigating the Potential of a Computerized Dynamic Assessment With a New Testing Format in Assessing Critical Reading Skills Among International College Students [remote presentation]
Hamidreza Moeiniasl (The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto)
5-6pm Dinner/ Social (60 min)     |     🎊 Zoom Social Meeting link 🎊 (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)
7-7:30pm Individual Papers
How Students Use Machine Translation & Why: Insights from a Computer Tracking Study [remote presentation]
Kimberly Vinall and Emily Hellmich (University of California, Berkeley)
7:30-8pm Using Digital Story Telling to integrate technology when Learning Academic Language and Literacy in English [in-person presentation]
Sibusiso Cliff Ndlangamandla (University of South Africa)

Saturday, October 21st

Ross 212 πŸ“    |    πŸ”— Zoom link: (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)

7:20am (CDT) Opening: Gulbahar Beckett
7:30-8am Individual Papers
How Does ChatGPT Enhance Language Teaching and Learning? A Rapid Review of the Literature [remote presentation]
Joel Meniado (SEAMEO Regional Language Centre, Singapore)
8-8:30am Generative AI technology and language learning: language learners’ responses to ChatGPT videos in social media [remote presentation]
Ziqi Chen and Wei Wei (Macao Polytechnic University); Xinhua Zhu (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
8:30-9am How Does Artificial Intelligence Affect EFL Learners’ Cognitive Load and Learning Anxiety? A Neuroscientific Perspective [in-person presentation]
Liwei Hsu (National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism)
9-9:30am Break/ Social (30 min)     |     🎊 Zoom Social Meeting link 🎊 (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)
9:30-10am Individual Paper
Prospective Teachers’ Competence in Creating Multimodal Chatbot-Based English Learning Media [remote presentation]
Wiwik Mardiana (Universitas Islam Majapahit)
10-10:30am Roundtable
Effectiveness of Technology Enhanced Project-Based Language Learning (TEPBLL) Approach In L2 Pragmatics Enhancement [hybrid presentation]
Ebtehal Asiri, Ali Garib, and Gulbahar Beckett (Iowa State University)
10:30-11:30am Plenary
Critical Project-Based Learning and Social Justice: Implications for Digital Citizenship [remote presentation]
Michael Thomas (Liverpool John Moores University)
11:30-Noon Roundtable
PBLL @ ISU: A roundtable on PBLL projects, works in progress, and AI connections [hybrid presentation]
Jeanne Beck, Ali Garib, Junghun Yang, Hwee Jean (Cindy) Lim, Gulbahar Beckett (Iowa State University)
Noon-1pm Lunch/ Social (60 min) | 🎊 Zoom Social Meeting link 🎊 (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)
1-2pm Plenary
Generative AI: Experiments in Writing and Learning [in-person presentation]
Abram Anders (Iowa State University)
2-2:30pm Roundtable
Integrating AI tools into instructed SLA [hybrid presentation]
Robert Godwin-Jones (Virginia Commonwealth University); Jim Ranalli (Iowa State University); Errol M. O’Neill (University of Memphis)
2:30-3pm Individual Papers
ESL graduate students’ use of ChatGPT for text revision: Insights into behavior, cognition, and emotion [remote presentation]
Svetlana Koltovskaia (Northeastern State University); Hooman Saeli (The University of Tennessee, Knoxville); Payam Rahmati (Oklahoma State University)
3-3:30pm Exploring Benefits and Challenges of Quizlet’s Q-chat in Indonesian Language Instruction for Military Personnel [remote presentation]
Gatot Prasetyo and Sisilia Kusumaningsih (University of Montana)
3:30-4pm A five-ecosystems approach for applying AI to the language classroom [in-person presentation]
Thor Sawin (Middlebury Institute of International Studies)
4-4:30pm Break/ Social (30 min)     |     🎊 Zoom Social Meeting link 🎊 (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)
4:30-5pm Individual Papers
Exploring Open AI in Language Teacher Professional Development [in-person presentation]
Carol Chapelle, Shireen Baghestani, Jeanne Beck, Sebnem Kurt, Widya Kusumaningrum, Hwee Jean (Cindy) Lim and Shuhui Yin (Iowa State University)
5-5:30pm EFL school teacher’s AI assessment literacy: An exploratory study [in-person presentation]
Hao Xu (Beijing Foreign Studies University)
5:30-5:45pm Conference Closing: Carol Chapelle, Gulbahar Beckett and Jim Ranalli

Ross 412 πŸ“    |    πŸ”— Zoom link: (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)

7:30-8am Individual Papers
EFL Teachers’ Awareness and Opinions on the Use of Technology as 21st Century Language Education Skill [remote presentation]
Lazgin Barany and Rayan Omar Azeez (Nawroz University)
8-8:30am AI-powered technologies and English language teacher education [remote presentation]
Betul Kinik (Inonu University)
8:30-9am When iVR meets AI: practices and challenges for language educators [remote presentation]
Ilaria Compagnoni (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice)
9-9:30pm Break/ Social (30 min)     |     🎊 Zoom Social Meeting link 🎊 (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)
9:30-10am Individual Papers
Digital Professional Development: Can it improve language teacher sense of competence, autonomy and relatedness? [remote presentation]
Alison Porter, James Turner, Kate Borthwick (University of Southampton); Suzanne Graham, Pengchong Zhang (University of Reading); Travis Ralph-Donaldson (Niter Ltd.)
10-10:30am Preservice Teachers’ Insights on AI in Language Education [remote presentation]
Alba Paz-LΓ³pez and Boris Vazquez-Calvo (University of Malaga)
11:30-Noon Individual Paper
Primary Level Learners’ Perceptions of Bilingual Voicebots in Indian ESL Classrooms: A Pilot Study [remote presentation]
Harshitha H (The English and Foreign Languages University, India)
Noon-1pm Lunch/ Social (60 min) | 🎊 Zoom Social Meeting link 🎊 (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)
2-2:30pm Individual Papers
Using an AI program to assess accuracy in second language writing research [in-person presentation]
Charlene Polio, Adam Pfau (Michigan State University); Yiran Xu (University of California Merced)
2:30-3pm Generative AI, Research Writing, and Ethics in Applied Linguistics: How do we Identify Human-Produced Writing [remote presentation]
J. Elliott Casal (University of Memphis) and Matt Kessler (University of South Florida)
3-3:30pm Exploring the Impact of ChatGPT on English Language Learners’ Email Writing Process [in-person presentation]
Widya Kusumaningrum, Kate Challis, Hwee Jean (Cindy) Lim, Jeanne Beck, and Carol Chapelle (Iowa State University)
3:30-4pm ChatGPT as an AI-powered writing assistant: How reliable it is in editing L2 writing? [remote presentation]
Shuyuan Tu (Georgia State University)
4-4:30pm Break/ Social (30 min)     |     🎊 Zoom Social Meeting link 🎊 (emailed passcode required πŸ“©)
4:30-5pm Individual Paper
ChatGPT vs. Human IELTS Tutor: A Comparative Study of IELTS Task 2 Writing Sample [in-person presentation]
Andrias Tri Susanto (Iowa State University)