The role of CALL in
hybrid and online language courses

Selected Papers from the Eighth Annual Conference on Technology for Second Language Learning

Edited by

Sarah Huffman

Volker Hegelheimer

Table of Contents




Part I. Reflections from the blended learning classroom

For a Smoother Blend: Lessons Learned from Blended Instruction

Senta Goertler

Learning to Talk about Language in an Online Linguistics Course

John Levis & Kimberly LeVelle

A Hybrid Course for Introductory Chinese Lectures at Kyoto University

Yasushi Tsubota & Masatake Dantsuji


Part II. Integrating innovative technologies into online learning

Learner Perceptions of Asynchronous Oral Computer-Mediated Communication Tasks Using Wimba Voice for Developing Their L2 Oral Proficiency

Jesse Gleason & Ruslan Suvorov

Internet Accessible, Computerized Training of ESL Learners to Perceive the Sounds and Words of Spoken English

James Miller, Charles Watson, & Roy Sillings

Recursive Search and Social Media for STEM Vocabulary Learning

Greg Aist, Tammy Slater, David Oakey, & Heidi Ramaeke


Part III. Conceptual frameworks for blended learning

The “Plinko” Principle and Language Programs: Designing Non-Linear Hybrid Learning Environments and Desiderata for Implementation

Sébastien Dubreil, Dolly Young, & Douglas Canfield


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