Call For Papers


Technology for Second Language Learning (TSLL)
6th Annual Conference

September 26-27, 2008
Developing and Evaluating Language Learning Materials

Invited speakers:

Dorothy Chun, University of California at Santa Barbara

Sue Otto, University of Iowa

James Pusack, University of Iowa

The range of new language learning opportunities afforded by technology has strengthened the importance of professional knowledge and practices in materials development and evaluation.  Materials today can include a variety of individualized, social and classroom learning, particularly through the combination of textbooks, workbooks, CD-ROMs, databases, and tools for linguistic analysis and communication.   The increase in options technology provides underscores the significance of professional knowledge in developing and evaluating materials.

The sixth annual Technology for Second Language Learning Conference will explore the issues raised by technology for the development and evaluation of language learning materials.  We welcome papers addressing the following issues:


  • What are language learning materials in the age of information and communication technology?
  • How can new technologies best be blended with paper materials to draw on their complementary strengths?
  • How can voice recognition and text-to-speech technology be used to help develop innovative pronunciation materials?
  • How can the use of corpora in materials design and classroom teaching improve computer-assisted language learning (CALL)?
  • What new options does technology provide for materials to reflect professional knowledge in areas such as second language acquisition, language and content, and assessment?
  • How does the process of designing and publishing second language materials draw upon knowledge in applied linguistics?
  • How can the use of computer-assisted corpus analysis be transferred from research to the classroom?
  • What forms of evaluation should language learning materials be subjected to?
  • How do evaluation practices in CALL contribute to materials evaluation more broadly?
  • How do the needs of materials development and evaluation point to areas for more or different research in applied linguistics?
  • How can CALL and corpus-based research/teaching find more common ground?
  • How can teacher education guide future teachers to conceptualize materials in a way that includes the pedagogical options, technical functions, and targeted content provided by technology?


Please submit a 250-word abstract to Ghinwa Alameen (ghinwa AT by April 15, 2008 if you wish to present a paper at the conference.  Acceptances will be sent out by May 1.