Schedule Overview

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Preliminary Schedule Overview

Friday, Sept. 22 & Saturday, Sept. 23

Printer friendly pdf available here: TSLL 2017 Schedule at a Glance

Friday 9-10am Opening Keynote Greg Kessler, Ohio University Gallery Room
10-10:15am Break TBA
10:15-10:40am 01a Exploring Automated Scoring of Non-Native Spontaneous Speech Ziwei Zhou, Iowa State University; Gallery Room
10:15-10:40am 01b The Language Resources of Reflection: Appraisal Analysis of Student Reflective Writing Kimberly Becker, Iowa State University; Gold Room
10:45-11:10am 02a Language use as a window to understanding L1 differences in L2 writing Liberato Silva dos Santos , Iowa State University; Rosalie Hirch, Iowa State University; Sowmya Vajjala, Iowa State University Gallery Room
10:45-11:10am 02b International, Interdisciplinary, Interconnected: a Decade of CALL Research through Bibliometric Connections Kelly Cunningham, Iowa State University; Steph Link, Oklahoma State University Gold Room
11:15-11:40am 03a Tailoring writing pedagogy in light of ESL students’ pausing behavior during the writing process Hui-Hsien Feng, Iowa State University; Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen, Iowa State University Gallery Room
11:15-11:40am 03b The creation and use of native-speaker video-clips to test learners’ L2 pragmatic competence Alexandra Shaeffer, University of Iowa; Gold Room
11:45am-1pm Lunch Break (lunch on your own- see dining & entertainment tab for a list on onsite and nearby options)
1-1:25pm 04a Bridging cultures: Using popular social media for telecollaboration Anastasia Izmaylova, Simpson College; Gallery Room
1-1:25pm 04b-CANCELLED The usefulness of synchronous and asynchronous teacher e-feedback in ESL composition Estela Ene, Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis; Thomas Upton, IUPUI Gold Room
1:30-1:55pm 05a Telecollaboration, Investment and Identity in the German Classroom Carly Lesoski, Michigan State University ; Gallery Room
1:30-1:55pm 05b Dynamic Assessment through Google Apps Anna Mikhaylova, University of Iowa; Alexandra Shaeffer, University of Iowa; Céline Rose, University of Iowa Gold Room
2-2:25pm 06a Pedagogical Insights for the Implementation of Telecollaborative Tandem Exchanges Brianna Janssen Sanchez, University of Iowa; Gallery Room
2-2:25pm 06b The effectiveness of synchronous WCF in collaborative writing on the accurate use of English articles Taichi Yamashita, Iowa State University Gold Room
2:30-3pm Break (set up for Tech Explorations)
3-5pm Tech Explorations various Gallery Room
6-8pm Reception/Dinner TBA
Saturday 9-9:25am 07a Using What’s App as an ICT Tool in Learning Compound Nouns among Intermediate EFL Learners Bahman Gorjian, Department of ELT, Abadan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Abadan, Iran Gallery Room
9:30-9:55am 08a EFL Distance Tutoring: Building Cultural and Language Authenticity for Chinese English-Language Learners through Gap and Corpus Analysis of Chinese EFL Textbooks Matthew DeFelice, University of Northern Iowa ; Gallery Room
9:30-9:55am 08b Validity evidence in support of genre-based AWE Elena Cotos, Iowa State University; Sarah Huffman, Iowa State University; Stephanie Link, Oklahoma State University Gold Room
10-10:25am 09a The emergence of social media discourse among Ghanaian university students: Implications for the acquisition of academic literacy Joyce Anku, Valley View University; Professor EK Klu, University of Venda, South Africa
Professor GSK Adika, University of Ghana
Gallery Room
10-10:25am 09b Building hybrid pronunciation models for L2 pronunciation training Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen, Iowa State University; John Levis, Iowa State University
Ricardo Gutierrez-Osuna, Texas A&M University
Sinem Sonsaat, Iowa State University
Alif Silpachai, Iowa State University
Ivana Lucic, Iowa State University
Ziwei Zhou, Iowa State University
Shaolin Ding, Texas A&M University
Christopher Liberatore, Texas A&M University
Guanlong Zhao, Texas A&M University
Gold Room
10:30-11:00am Break (poster fair set up)
11:00am-12:50pm Poster Fair &
Lunch (provided)
Gallery Room
1-1:25pm 10a Increasing the Critical Thinking of TESOL Students in Asynchronous Online Discussions Timothy Kochem, Iowa State University; Esther Smidt, West Chester University Gallery Room
1-1:25pm 10b- CANCELLED Making It Work for Them: A Technology-enhanced Educational Innovation in Rural Pakistan Samina Yasmin, University of Arizona Gold Room
1:30-1:55pm 11a The (lack of) sustainability of CALL tools: Is there life after publication? Evgeny Chukharev-Hudilainen, Iowa State University; Gallery Room
1:30-1:55pm 11b Task complexity in math problem solving tasks: FTF vs. SCMC Zihan Geng, Texas A&M University; Zohreh Eslami Gold Room
2-3pm Closing Keynote: Fan Fiction, Fan Practices and Language Learning Shannon Sauro, Malmö University Gallery Room