Call For Proposals

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TSLL 2017 Call for Proposals

The 2017 Technology for Second Language Learning Conference at Iowa State University invites abstract submissions from prospective presenters wishing to contribute to the program with a paper, poster, or colloquium on the theme of boundary crossing in technology and second language learning. The following offers suggestions of areas that would fit well within the theme:

  • Historical or agenda-setting analyses of the identity of the field in view of its porous geographical and intellectual boundaries
  • Cross-disciplinary research focused on the goals of improving learning for language learners or evaluation methods for CALL researchers
  • Inquiry into language teaching practices made possible by connecting linguistic research with technological affordances
  • Projects investigating or exploiting the international reach of technology for language teaching and for disseminating professional knowledge
  • Investigations of technology interests, uses and challenges for language teaching in the developing world
  • Research into the role of English in the activity of geographical and intellectual boundary-crossing in research and practice in technology for language learning

Proposal Submissions are Now Closed.

The proposal submission deadline was May 25, 2017. Thank you to those who submitted proposals.

Prospective presenters decision letters were sent via email on June 1, 2017. If you submitted a proposal but did not receive a decision, please email with you name, email, affiliation and proposal title. Presenters of accepted submissions should confirm their intent to present via the emailed form by June 19, 2017.

Submissions for Individual Papers, Colloquiums,and Posters should include

  • corresponding presenter name,
  • institutional affiliation,
  • contact information,
  • co-presenter’s name(s) & affiliations,
  • presentation type,
  • presentation title and
  • 250-word (Papers & Posters) or 500-word abstract (Colloquiums) abstract.