Pre-Conference Workshop Materials

Below are the instructions and files for the pre-conference workshops:

Workshop 1:  Investigating L2 Fluency, Pekka Lintunen & Pauliina Peltonen

Workshop 2:  Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) for Analyzing Perception Data, Ryan Lidster

Workshop 3:  Investigating lexical stress assignment, Mary O’Brien

Workshop 4:  Running experiments in a web browser using jsPsych, Franziska Kruger & Danielle Daidone

  • Please follow 3 quick steps to make sure you are prepared for the hands-on exercises and that we can dive right into the workshop next Thursday. The instructions can be accessed HERE.
  • The files to download can be found at:
  • Please bring your (prepared) computer and a pair of headphones to the workshop on Thursday.

Workshop 5:  Research methods in investigating voice onset time (VOT) in second language pronunciation, Tetsuo Harada

Workshop 6:  Using surveys in pronunciation research, Jennifer Foote