LARC 2018 WIPs and Posters

March 21 – 23, 2018

Memorial Union, Iowa State University

Ames, Iowa

Work-in-Progress (WIP) and Poster Presentations

No.TypeAuthor(s) and AffiliationTitle
1WIPNathan Carr, California State University, FullertonEffects of Polytomous Multiple-Choice Scoring Approaches on Dependability and Model Fit
2WIPDaniel Isbell, Michigan State UniversityA Phonology Diagnostic for Korean as a Second Language
3WIPHaeyun Jin, Iowa State UniversityReading-To-Write Integrated Writing Assessment: Textual Borrowing, Task Types, and Levels
4WIPSusie Kim, Daniel J Reed, Aaron Ohlrogge, Heekyoung Kim, Koen van Gorp, & Daniel R Isbell, Michigan State UniversityInvestigating the Textual Complexity of Essay Benchmarks at Different Levels on a Scale within the CEFR B2 Range
5WIPSenyung Lee, Indiana University BloomingtonExamining The Underlying Construct of L2 Lexical Collocation Knowledge
6WIPRoman Lesnov, Northern Arizona UniversityThe Role of Content-Rich Videos in the L2 Academic Listening Assessment Construct
7WIPRosalie Hirch, Iowa State UniversityEvidence-Centered Design of a Multi-Tiered Diagnostic Test of English Grammar for Use in an ESL Writing Class
8WIPDaniel J Reed, Daniel R Isbell, Aaron Ohlrogge, Heekyoung Kim, Koen van Gorp, & Susie Kim, Michigan State UniversityTo What Extent is Feedback to Raters with Different Severity Classifications Beneficial?
9WIPLiberato Silva dos Santos, Iowa State UniversityPredictive Power of TOEFL ibt Listening and Reading Scores In Determining English Placement Test (EPT) Scores In a US University: Reflections on Test Purposes
10WIPSonca Vo, Iowa State UniversityEffects of Task Types on Interactional Competence in Oral Communication Assessment
11WIPYiran Xu, Todd McKay, Georgetown University; Margaret Malone,
Georgetown University; ACTFL
Developing a Chinese C-test for Research Purposes
1PosterZaha Alanazi, Iowa State UniversityTheoretical and Practical Considerations for Developing a Vocabulary Need Analysis Questionnaire
2PosterMurat Akyildiz,
Anadolu University, Turkey
Comparison of Factor Analytic Models Based on Language Proficiency Tests Aligned with the Global Scale of English
3PosterBelgin Aydin Anadolu University, TurkeyValidity of Placement Tests Aligned with the Global Scale of English according to IRT and IIF
4PosterShireen Baghestani & Sondoss Elnegahy, Iowa State UniversityEmSAT English Achieve Test Review
5PosterDion Clingwall, Hiroshima UniversityEvaluating Measures of Oral Proficiency and Vocabulary with Monologic, Quasi-dialogic, and Dialogic Speaking Tasks
6PosterSok-Han Lau, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Investigating Item Bias on the PISA 2009 Reading Assessment: A Case of Macau with Chinese and English Versions
7PosterNicolas May, Patrick McLain, & Stephen O'Connell, Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments Determining Seat Time for a Shortened Section of a High-stakes Standardized Test
8PosterAnanda Muhammad, Iowa State UniversityVariety of Test Items for Pragmatics Assessment Using Technology
9PosterJennifer Musgrove, Iowa State UniversitySpanish Listening Comprehension Test Development Project: Considering Learner L2 Listening Comprehension in the Course placement equation
10PosterJennifer Norton, Jing Wei, & Tanya Bitterman, Center for Applied LinguisticsUsing the CAL Validation Framework for Domain Analysis and Domain Modeling of an English Language Proficiency Test
11PosterStephen O'Connell, University of Maryland, College ParkAssessing Comprehension of Conversational Implicature
12PosterLia Plakans, University of IowaThe Potential for Community-based Participatory Research in Language Assessment
13PosterMurat Dogan Sahin, Anadolu University, TurkeyComparison of Different Methods of Defining Language Proficiency Levels
14PosterJamie L. Schissel, University of North Carolina at GreensboroA Framework for Constructing Historical Narratives of Consequences Faced by Test Takers: Scales, Fairness, and Validity
15PosterMeral Melek Unver, Anadolu University, TurkeyThe Predictability of Progressive Assessment on Student Proficiency Level
16PosterSharareh Vahed, Purdue UniversityThe Role of Background Knowledge in True/False/Not Given Task Performance in the Assessment of Reading
17PosterYen Vo, Minnesota State University, MankatoEffects of Independent and Integrated Speaking Tasks on Learners' Interactional Performance