Brownbag Series In Fall 2016

Other presentations can be found at the Archive of the TESL/AL Brown bag Colloquium Series.

Sessions may be video recorded based on requests from the lecturers and panelists. Recorded sessions will have a clickable “Video of the presentation” link.

Date & TimePresenter(s)Title
Friday, 12-1pm
(1) Kim Becker
(2) Phuong Nguyen & YunDeok Choi
(1) A corpus-based study of reporting verbs in two disciplines: Graduate Level Engineering and Political Science Papers from MICUSP
(2) Relationship between lexical bundles and moves in applied linguistics research article introductions
Friday, 12-1pm
Graduate Connections & Brown Bag panel series (1)
Panelists: Linda Shenk, Bethany Gray, Geoffrey Sauer, K. L. Cook, & Derek Hanson
The academic job search (Part 1): The search process and the job letter; establishing a web/digital presence
Friday, 12-1pm
Carol ChapelleIssues in building a validity argument for a multimodal, content-based, learning-oriented language assessment
Video of the presentation
Friday, 12-1pm
Graduate Connections & Brown Bag panel series (2)
Panelists: Brianna Burke, Sowmya Vajjala, Taylor Brorby, Sara Parks, Tina Coffelt, & Christa Tiernan
The academic job search (Part 2): Academic job documents (CVs, research statements, and teaching philosophies)
Video of the presentation
Friday, 12-1pm
Graduate Connections & Brown Bag panel series (3)
Panelists: Volker Hegelheimer, Debra Marquart, Charlie Kostelnick, Justin Remes, Liberato Dos Santos, & Vince Robles
The academic job market (Part 3): Interviewing and negotiating
Video of the presentation
Friday, 12-1pm
Joe Geluso & Rosalie HirchAnalyses of faculty publications in applied linguistics PhD programs: What 3 different methods can tell us
Friday, 12-1pm
Sowmya VajjalaTowards grounding computational linguistic approaches to readability: Modeling reader-text interaction for easy and difficult texts
Link to the full article
Video of the presentation
12/09/2016Carolyn Penstein RoséText mining for assessment of writing and social positioning
Video of the presentation
Link to the slide presentation