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The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics

Applied linguistics faculty play a role in editing publications that disseminate applied linguistics research.

  • Beginning in 2016, Carol Chapelle will begin a term as co-editor of Language Testing.
  • Volker Hegelheimer is the┬áco-editor for the spring 2016 CALICO Journal special issue on Automated Writing Evaluation.
  • John Levis, founding editor of the Journal of Second Language Pronunciation, continues to edit that journal. He also is the editor of the annual Proceedings of the Pronunciation in Second Language Learning and Teaching conference.
  • Other reference works edited by applied linguistics faculty include The Handbook of English Pronunciation (2015 Wiley), the four-volume Critical Concepts in Linguistics on Pronunciation (forthcoming, Taylor & Francis) and the Handbook of Technology and Second Language Teaching and Learning (forthcoming, Wiley).