Graduate Student Applied Linguistics Funding Proposals

Call for graduate student applied linguistics funding proposals


The Iowa State University Applied Linguistics program is accepting applications for small research grants. Awards will be given on a competitive basis based on amount of funding available.

Eligibility requirements: Must be a current Iowa State University Applied Linguistics/TESL graduate student

Award value: Awards of up to $300 are available (A student is only eligible for one award per academic year.)

These awards can be used to defer costs needed to present papers at applied linguistics conferences OR to cover costs associated with applied linguistics research projects.

Presentation award winners must give their presentation at a Brown Bag applied linguistics meeting prior to presenting at the conference.

Research project award winners must write a short report (roughly 500 words) after completing the research, which indicates how the money was spent and the findings of the study. The report must be submitted within six months of the award. If the research is not completed at that point, a progress report should be provided and a subsequent report should be provided when the research is completed. A student is not eligible for a second award until a final report for the first award has been received.

Spring and Fall deadlines
Fall deadline: September 10
Spring deadline: January 30
All funds must be spent in the semester that the grants are awarded.

Application procedures
Project proposals
Write a 500 word description of the project, which includes justification for research, research questions, methodology, and possible implications of the research.
Provide a budget for how the money will be spent. Indicate any other possible sources of funding.

Presentation proposals
Provide the abstract/summary of the presentation that has been accepted for a conference.
Provide the letter of acceptance for the presentation from the conference organizers.
Provide a budget for how the money will be spent. Indicate any other possible sources of funding.

How to apply
Applications should be sent by email to the Applied Linguistics area coordinator.
Notification of the decision will be provided within 2 weeks of the deadline for submissions.
Awards will be based on a reimbursement model. Completion of an expense report along with receipts need to be turned into the English Department accountant to recoup expenses incurred by the research project.

Downloadable PDF: Call for applied linguistics funding proposals