Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What is linguistics and what can I do with a degree in linguistics?
Linguistics refers to the study of language, and therefore students who major in linguistics go on to many careers including work in academic and non-academic areas, such as language teaching and assessment, computational analysis of language, spe ech pathology, translation, and government work. See some examples of companies that hire linguists.

Linguistics is a cross-disciplinary major at Iowa State. Does that mean I have to have another major in addition to linguistics?
Linguistics is cross-disciplinary at Iowa State because the faculty who teach linguistics course are located in a variety of departments. You do not need to have a double major if you major in linguistics.

Can I complete a BA in linguistics in 4 years?
Yes, students complete their degree in 4 years by following the linguistics advisor’s advice. A suggested program of study can be found on the Website.

How can I find out more about the linguistics program besides the information at your website?
If you would like to schedule an appointment, please contact the linguistics advisor, Greta Muller Levis. If you are not on campus and you want to schedule a visit through ISU Campus Visits, go to their Website, pick the day you want to come, fill out the forms and enter “Linguistics” as your intended major.

I took some courses at a community college. Can I transfer them to ISU?
Yes, many community college classes transfer. That would be arranged through ISU’s Office of the Register. They would be able to give you the precise instructions to follow. Information for transfer students is available at the Admissions website.

Does the Linguistics undergraduate program offer any departmental scholarships?
Professors sometimes hire linguistics undergraduates to participate in research projects. Matches between students and faculty are made in the 101 course “Introduction to the Study of Linguistics” but linguistics students can also check with faculty to see if they have any projects. ISU’s Office of Financial Aid has a website with information and forms on other scholarships and grants, loans, and student employment. Also, The Admissions Office has some helpful information about Financing your Education.

How can I get to know other linguistics students?
During the first year, most linguistics students can meet in three linguistics courses for majors: Computers and Language (Ling 120), Introduction to Language (Ling/WLC 119), and Introduction to the Study of Linguistics (Ling 101).

Can I get a linguistics degree from ISU online?
No. Iowa State, like most universities, requires students to spend a significant portion of their time in residence on campus. While a few courses may be offered online, most of our undergraduate and graduate courses are offered on-campus during the day. Most students find the time they spend on campus very rewarding—a time they remember and treasure forever.